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 Etoro Login | Easy Ways To Sign Into Your Account

Here’s What You Don’t Know About EToro Login That Could Make Your Life Easier

A simple login to eToro will ask you for your credentials and that's it.

However, there are a lot of ways, methods and tips that you're probably not aware about which can make your login experience with this broker a whole lot more convenient and easier.

So which login method is better? Checkout this login review to find out.


Considering to open an account?
If you're already interested to open an EToro account, you can easily do so by clicking the button below to access the quick registration page.


How to Log In?
Logging in to eToro will require the user two essential details:

1.A username or email
2.A password

These credentials need to be entered on any eToro login page or screen when accessing their web-based platform via their official website or via any of their available apps.


EToro Login Page
EToro login page can be accessed on any web browser that is connected to the internet.

To access the login page, open a web browser and on the address bar, enter this URL:

This will open the eToro login page where the account can be accessed via the following methods:

Sign in using an eToro username or email and password
Sign in with Apple
Sign in with Facebook
Sign in with Google


How to Login to EToro Using Username and Password?
Logging in with a username and password is the most common way of signing in to EToro.

To do this, users need to follow these very basic steps:

Open the eToro login page via their website or any of their apps.
Enter the username or the email address that is registered with the eToro account and the password.

Click the "Sign In" button.
If the login details are correct, the user will be able to access the account.


Where is the eToro WebTrader Login?
To begin with…
The eToro WebTrader platform has already been integrated with the eToro OpenBook platform back in October 2015 to create a single interface, which is the new eToro.

For some traders or users, they still call it "WebTrader" because this single platform is accessible via web browsers.

For those who are searching for information on how to login via eToro WebTrader or eToro WebTrader 2.0, please be advised that this is basically logging in to the web-based platform.

To login via WebTrader or the web-based platform, follow these basic steps:

Open a web browser and enter this URL on the address bar:
This will open the EToro login page where the user can access the account via the supported login methods.